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Dyson V hand dryer in Nickel
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Dyson V hand dryer in Nickel

  • The latest Dyson Airblade hand dryer uses the latest technology to produce a quieter hand dryer with improved efficiency for even greater savings for commercial premises
  • Patented Dyson technology works differently to other brands of hand dryer by forcing 20 litres of filtered air through apertures less than 1 millimetre wide. These apertures have been reduced in size to also limit the noise produced when drying hands.
  • As a result, sheets of air are produced at an incredible speed of 430 miles per hour to quickly dry hands within 12 seconds. Instead of using heat which consumes electricity, the water is blasted away for a comfortable and efficient hand drying experience. By utilising a Hepa filter, clean air is used rather than dirty air to dry hands for a more hygienic and healthy premises.
  • This high performance, coupled with a redesigned impeller and inner diffuser, has reduced noise levels by 39% making this Dyson hand dryer fast, efficient and quiet.
  • This model is one of the few in the UK to be awarded the quiet mark by the noise abatement society, leading to its successful installation in areas where noise reduction and control is pivotal, from schools through to restaurants and hotels where guests seated near the toilet facilities do not want to be constantly disturbed by a loud and off putting hand dryer. 
  • This award also makes the Dyson V hand dryer a fantastic choice for schools, nurseries and caring premises with a lower noise output to ensure children or vulnerable users are not frightened or overwhelmed by the noise produced.
  • The HU2 hand dryer costs, on average, £31 a year to run. According to Dyson, a premises can save over £1400 a year by installing this hand dryer compared to using paper towels.
  • As a result, the payback time on installing a Dyson HU2 is less than 6 months when switching from paper towels, giving a premises a market leading hand dryer essentially free after 6 months and backed by a full 5 year warranty.
  • As well as helping a premises reduce its energy costs, using this hand dryer also reduces your carbon footprint by producing up to 79% less carbon dioxide than some hand dryers and 76% less than paper towels.
  • With its modern slimline design, the unit is simple to install with a easy mount backplate and extends only 10cm from the wall.
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Power: 1 kW

Brand: Dyson 

Material: Anti-bacterial Plastic 

Height: 39.4 cm

Width: 23.4 cm

Depth: 10 cm

Weight: 2.9 kg

Finish: Chrome 

Noise Level: 79 dB

Operation: Automatic 

Dryer Type: Hands Under 

Air Speed: 192 mps

HEPA Filter: Yes 

IP rating : IPX4 

Cold Air: Cold Air Only 

Drying Time: 12 Seconds

Quiet Mark: Yes